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Re: Spam targeting nnn-done@bugs.d.o

On 2018-02-21 17:48 +0100, Georg Faerber wrote:

> Just to let people know: Recently, there has been quite some spam with
> identical content sent to different bugs, project and team mailing
> lists, etc. That's bad, but what's even more worse is that this spam now
> gets send to nnn-done@bugs.d.o (see [1] for an example), in fact closing
> bug reports.

That's not a new phenomenon, it has been happening for many years:


> Just pointing this out here to make people aware and (maybe) to discuss
> what could be done regarding this.

Apart from restricting access to the BTS (which I think nobody really
wants), the answer is to train the spam filters.  In fact, I am quite
surprised that the current spam wave has been lasting for so long, those
messages should be quite easy to filter out.