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Re: What can Debian do to provide complex applications to its users?

Hello Paul,

On Sat, Feb 17 2018, Paul Wise wrote:

> I think the discussion we are having here is orthogonal to
> If Debian were to have a repository of containers/flatpaks, then it
> should meet Debian standards. We cannot just say "here are some
> containers, completely unsupported and might not up to our standards".
> To achieve that, I think it would be best to automatically convert it
> from Debian binary packages. Also, since we are already doing
> packaging work, it makes sense to base any container efforts on that,
> just like our cloud efforts have been.
> There is flathub, dockerhub etc for containers/flatpaks that may or
> may not meet Debian standards.

I should have been more specific.  What I was suggesting was that
providing a repository of containers/flatpaks/whatever would enable us
to provide different versions of libraries which would not receive
security support.

By having them in flatpaks/etc. we would mitigate somewhat the need for
this security support, and also draw a clear line between "this is the
stuff that we provide security support for" and "this is the stuff we
don't, but we've wrapped it up so it's a bit safer".

Sean Whitton

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