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Re: Removing packages perhaps too aggressively?

On Wed, 31 Jan 2018 20:14:31 +0100,
Andrej Shadura<andrew@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>It has happened to me in the recent years quite a few times that a
>package which I was using has a RoQA bug filed against it, and the
>package's got removed at a very short notice.
>For example, in #616376, gbdfed was removed because "low popcon,
>orphaned". It took just one day to remove it, with no discussion at
>all. Orphaned is *not* a bug. Orphaned doesn't mean the package has no
>users. Maybe the package works for them just fine, and they're happy.
>Should I've known someone's going to remove it, I would have adopted
>it earlier.
>Today, hyde. I worked on a new release of the package in July, leaving
>a couple of things to be polished when I find more time. Today, I
>needed to use the package, so I thought, oh, let me adopt and upload
>the package. Here you go, there's #871004 for you. Missed jessie,
>stretch, not in testing, no uploads since the beginning of 2017. Filed
>on 06 Aug 2017, removed 10 Sep 2017. Fair enough, the notice was on
>display for a whole month. In a place resembling a locked filing
>cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying
>‘Beware of the Leopard’.

Isn't this rather publicly announced by the how-can-i-help program? I
am running apt, and after each apt run I get a little report for
how-can-i-help if some of my installed packages are orphaned or in risk
of being removed.

I don't know if this isn't the case if you are using apt-get or
aptitude though.

-- Andreas Rönnquist