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Re: Bug#888891: ITP: odp -- OpenDataPlane reference implementation library

Hi Steve,

2018-01-31 14:59 GMT+03:00 Steve McIntyre <steve@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Dmitry wrote:
>>Package: wnpp
>>Severity: wishlist
>>Owner: Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov <dbaryshkov@xxxxxxxxx>
>>* Package name    : odp
>>  Version         :
>>  Upstream Author : Linaro <lng-odp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>* URL             : http://www.opendataplane.org/
>>* License         : BSD 3-clause
>>  Programming Lang: C
>>  Description     : OpenDataPlane reference implementation library
>>OpenDataPlane (ODP) project is an open-source, cross-platform set of
>>application programming interfaces (APIs) for the networking software
>>defined data plane.
>>ODP embraces and extends existing proprietary, optimized vendor-specific
>>hardware blocks and software libraries to provide interoperability with
>>minimal overhead.
>>I'm one of contributors to the ODP project, so packaging will be
>>maintained closely with package upstream. Wartan Hachaturov agreed to be
>>a sponsor for this package.

> I'm very interested in this, as an ex-LNG engineer. Is ODP in a
> reasonable state now for publishing in Debian, with clean stable
> API/ABI? We were talking about it ages ago when it clearly
> wasn't... :-)

API has been pretty much stable during last several releases. We introduced
support for properly deprecating API in a backwards-compatible way.
We have been working on stabilizing ABI also. Next release will feature complete
ABI specification, which other compatible implementations will have to follow.
For the time being soversion follows API/ABI changes, so that user applications
won't break.

With best wishes