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Re: Compiler with Spectre mitigation retpoline/-mindirect-branch=thunk

Philipp Hahn wrote:
> PS: Here are the 7 relevant GIT commpits for gcc-4.9 from H.J. Lu's GIT
> repository for reference:
>> 1fb3a1828fa x86: Disallow -mindirect-branch=/-mfunction-return= with -mcmodel=large
>> 7ab5b649f72 x86: Add 'V' register operand modifier
>> 5550079949a x86: Add -mindirect-branch-register
>> 35590ed7bee x86: Add -mfunction-return=
>> e699df5d96f x86: Add -mindirect-branch=
>> 2015a09e332 i386: Use reference of struct ix86_frame to avoid copy
>> e623d21608e i386: Move struct ix86_frame to machine_function

Two additional patches have been added to HJ's 4.9 branch since then.