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Bug#886995: ITP: sac2mseed -- Convert SAC waveform data to MiniSEED

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Paride Legovini <pl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

* Package name    : sac2mseed
  Version         : 1.12
  Upstream Author : Chad Trabant (IRIS Consortium)
* URL             : https://ds.iris.edu/ds/nodes/dmc/software/
* License         : GPL-3
  Programming Lang: C
  Description     : Convert SAC waveform data to MiniSEED

SAC and MiniSEED are two commonly used formats for seismic data [1,2].

sac2mseed converts SAC waveform data to MiniSEED format. By default the
format of the input files is automatically detected: alpha or binary
(byte order autodetected).

This utility is part of the standard toolbox of the seismologist. I
also filed an ITP for the utility that does the opposite conversion
(bug #886993).

I'd like to maintain this package within the debian-science team.
Co-maintainership is welcome.

The repository is currently on salsa:


and the packaging workflow follows what is suggested by the
git-buildpackage documentation.


[1] https://ds.iris.edu/ds/nodes/dmc/data/formats/
[2] https://ds.iris.edu/files/sac-manual/manual/file_format.html