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Question about dpkg-maintscript-helper dir_to_symlink, prior-version, and backports

Hi, I have a question.

Let's say I have a package performing a dir_to_symlink conversion from
version 2.0, so I specify "prior-version" as 2.0~.

Now let's say that I backport version 3 to Wheezy, whose version of
dpkg-maintscript-helper doesn't support dir_to_symlink, so I remove the
call to dpkg-mainscript-helper.

So now my Wheezy has version 3.0~bpo7+1 of the package, and the
directory is still a directory and not a symbolic link. That's okay.

Now, let's say I upgrade this system to Jessie. Since the package will
be upgraded from 3.0~bpo7+1 to 3.0, and the call to
dpkg-maintscript-helper specifies 2.0~ as the prior-version, what will
happen ? I guess the conversion won't be performed, but what happens
after that ? I fear the directory would be left in a inconsistent state.

Is there a method to make this package upgrade cleanly ? I guess, don't
specify a prior-version at all ? But in that case, the conversion would
be tried on every upgrade, which is discouraged by the manual page.

Any advice about this ?



Raphaël Halimi

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