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Re: Effect of build profiles

Quoting Nikolaus Rath (2018-01-11 22:15:44)
> On Jan 11 2018, Johannes Schauer <josch@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > We can check whether two binary packages built with a different set of
> > build profiles active are actually the same by using the tools from
> > the reproducible builds project.
> Now I'm mightily confused. What's the point of build profiles if they result
> in identical binary packages? It seems to me in that case we could just
> always use the "simplest" build profile.
> I guess with "the same" you must mean something other than "bitwise
> identical" - but it's not clear to me what.

I must admit that I indeed have a hard time to formulate this in precise
language. So let me instead use more simple words to explain this paragraph in
a more verbose fashion.

A source package can be built with zero or more build profiles active. Each
binary package in debian/control can have a Build-Profiles field. The content
of the field is a condition which must be fulfilled for the respective binary
package to be built with a certain set (including the empty set) of build
profiles active. For example:

Package: python-foo
Build-Profiles: <!nopython>

This annotation means, that the python-foo package is generated all the time
except when the "nopython" build profile is active during the source package

What I meant to say above is: Independent with which set of build profiles we
build this source package, every time python-foo ends up being generated, it
has to be the exact same.

So if we build this source package with "nodoc", then we generate python-foo
and that binary package has to be the same as when we build the source package
with "nocheck".

So I did not mean to say that the set of binary packages that is built must be
the same independent of which set of profiles is active. But if a binary
package is built under two different sets of build profiles (including the
empty set) then its contents must be the same.

I hope this clears things up!


cheers, josch

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