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Re: Bug#886927: ITP: tlog -- Terminal I/O recording and playback package.

On Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 11:26:23PM +1100, Will Rouesnel wrote:
> * Package name    : tlog
>   Upstream Author : Nikolai Kondrashov <spbnick@xxxxxxxxx>
> * URL             : http://scribery.github.io/tlog/
>   Description     : Terminal I/O recording and playback package.
>  tlog is a terminal I/O recording and playback package suitable for
>  implementing centralized user session recording. At the moment it is not ready
>  for production and is to be considered development preview quality.
>  Whereas most other similar packages write the recorded data to a file in their
>  own format, or upload it to a custom server, tlog sends it to a logging
>  service. The standard syslog interface is supported already, with journald
>  possibly to come. The recorded data is encoded in JSON in a way which keeps it
>  human-readable and searchable as much as possible.

Yay, yet another incompatible format.

For example, my termrec can convert between ttyrec, nh-recorder,
dosrecorder, RealLogs -- and I bothered to implement only formats that see
some use in the wild (which excludes eg. script -t, whose two-file
unhandiness means no one uses it despite coming in an essential package).
I haven't looked if Asciinema grown a local format when I wasn't looking,

For example Nethack and Crawl communities have long since standardized on
.ttyrec.bz2 (which means a convenient player must handle compression
transparently).  There's also a bunch of players which can handle ttyrecs:
"ttyrec", termrec, three Perl thingies, ttyplayer, ipbt.

As for remote services, there's termcast, Asciinema and others.

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