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Re: Bug#886238: Please introduce official nosystemd build profile

Wookey <wookey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The package header says what profiles it was built with. The package
> name+version doesn't change - that's part of the point. No-one should be
> trying to put more than one instance of a package built with different
> profiles in one repo at one time because stuff will break. But a
> downstream distro could enable a profile and build everything that way
> and that should be fine.

That seems to be another good reason to not take this path, since we want
to support non-systemd systems *in Debian*, not just for some downstream.
So if we figure out how to build a version of a package for such systems,
we want to upload it to our main archive so that Debian users can use it.

> And the reason why you'd use it for something like this is that it lets
> you upstream patches (which change dependencies) in a reasonably clean
> way.

Only if upstream never, ever wants to use them, yes?  In which case, it
seems like a very *odd* way to upstream patches.  Normally the goal of
upstreaming packages is to allow upstream to, er, use them.

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