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Re: Ssh access on salsa denied

On Mon, 08 Jan 2018 at 17:53:42 +0100, Alberto Luaces wrote:
> Alexander Wirt writes:
> > Alioth doesn't have ssh access for users. All access hapens via git+ssh of
> > the git user. 
> Unless I am missing something, yes you can access Alioth through ssh

I think Alexander meant to say that *Salsa* doesn't have ssh access
for users. You can `git push` via ssh using the `git` user (which has
a special restricted shell), but you can't log in as yourself and run
arbitrary code.

That's how all the recent Git-hosting-as-a-service packages work - Gitlab,
Pagure/Gitolite, Gitosis, Gogs, and although we can't see its source code,
presumably Github too. If they used Unix ownership and permissions,
then they'd have undesired properties like being unable to push to a
repository if one of your co-maintainers had used a restrictive umask or
created files owned by the wrong group, just like we occasionally see on
Alioth (we had an instance of that failure mode in pkg-gnome yesterday).