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Re: Ssh access on salsa denied

Alexander Wirt writes:

> On Sun, 07 Jan 2018, Andreas Tille wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I verified in the web interface on Salsa that my public ssh key
>> from alioth was imported and to be very sure I uploaded it again.
>> Unfortunately this does not changed anything
>>    $ ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa_debian2 tille@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>    tille@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Permission denied (publickey).
>> The authentication log of the web interface does not mention any
>> failed attempts.
>> Am I missing something?
> Alioth doesn't have ssh access for users. All access hapens via git+ssh of
> the git user. 

Unless I am missing something, yes you can access Alioth through ssh,
that's the way some of us create new git repositories:

$ ssh my-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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