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Re: e2fsprogs as Essential: yes?: Maybe we should be separating l10n files first?

On Sat, Jan 06, 2018 at 02:25:55AM +0100, Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo wrote:
> 2018-01-02 03:10 Theodore Ts'o:
> > My only real concern is whether this might complicate building the
> > latest version of e2fsprogs for stable and old-stable for
> > debian-backports.
> I think that it's fine, they've been supported for a long time and
> stable and old-stable should be covered, not sure about old-old-stable
> without backports.

It's mostly fine.  The one problem I found was that I tried to add the
*-dbg packages to the control file such that they would only be built
if the build profile pkg.e2fsprogs.legacy-dbg was active.
Unfortunately, when I tried doing a source-only upload of e2fsprogs,
the DAK software complained that "e2fsprogs-dbg" et.al. were new
packages that weren't supported with a source-only upload.

That's apparently because it was parsing the control file, found the
package declaration, and assumed that build profiles will only
suppress packages (e.g., such as fuse2fs or documentation pckages).
It didn't assume that a non-standard build profile such as
pkg.e2fsprogs.legacy-dbg would *enable* a package, and that under
normal builds, the *-dbg packages wouldn't be built.  Which is fair
enough, there's no way DAK could determine that without actually
building the source-only upload.

So I had to move the *-dbg package definitions into a
debian/control.legacy-dbg file, and mutate debian/control in order to
both support jessie backports, and keep DAK happy.

Which is sad, but it's a solution which works --- and I understand why
there really isn't any other way for DAK to handle this case.


							- Ted