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Re: Salsa Beta - Updates

On 6 January 2018 at 20:25, Andrew Shadura <andrew@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 6 January 2018 at 17:18, Alexander Wirt <formorer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Sat, 06 Jan 2018, Martín Ferrari wrote:
>>> On 06/01/18 00:30, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>>> > Alexander (formorer) is running an Irker instance on one of its own
>>> > VMs. Irker can send push events to an IRC channel. Please check the
>>> > wiki[2] for details on how to use it.
>>> >
>>> > We are not entirely happy with irker and are working on a better
>>> > solution that will also  support Issues, Merge Requests and other
>>> > gitlab events. Until that is ready, you are invited to use the Irker
>>> > instance.
>>> I have started working on adding webhook support to KGB, which is the
>>> tool that many projects are already using for years.
>>> Ideally, this would be a service plugin in gitlab, so projects could use
>>> templates for configuration, and to be able to configure what is now
>>> done in the kgb.conf file. But to get this out quicker, I will just add
>>> simple webhook parsing.
>>> On a side note, I only learnt about the idea to replace KGB with irker
>>> last week, during the CCC congress. I think that contacting the KGB
>>> maintainers beforehand would have been a better way of dealing with this.
>> I think what you learned is wrong. We use irker because it is the only thing
>> we have. And how could we replace something that we aren't running? KGB is
>> not and will probably not run by salsa.
> Or maybe we can use Matrix's IRC gateway; with Matrix, you don't need
> to run a daemon, you just execute a webhook or use a simple Python
> wrapper for it; see e.g.
> https://kallithea-scm.org/repos/integration/matrix/files/tip/__init__.py

Here's how it can be implemented in terms of pure HTTP, with colours etc: