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Bug#886238: Please introduce official nosystemd build profile

* Johannes Schauer [Wed, Jan 03 2018, 08:24:49PM]:
> > The speculation about a possible nosystemd profile in
> > <https://wiki.debian.org/BuildProfileSpec#Derivative_specific_profiles> is
> > not consistent with that design principle. If a package contains systemd
> > units or uses of libsystemd, then it's safe to assume they were added for a
> > reason. Whether you value that reason or not, it's nearly always true to say
> > that cutting out systemd-related bits is a functional change.
> Cutting out systemd-related bits is probably a functional change in most cases.

It depends. Properly written software which checks for libsystemd-*
stuff at compile time would, in theory, support such polymorphic style
of integration. The question is - how many packages are prepared for
this, and how many upstreams have already moved to "only Linux and only
systemd" style?

I, for one, do still support non-systemd mode in my software (i.e.
upstream hat on) explicitly - but it's not sufficiently tested anymore
and relies on feedback from users from non-Linux worlds. And it requires
additional work, so some upstream developers might be tempted to drop
non-non-systemd support whatsoever.

So my general feeling is that we might add this profile but it is not
something which should be pushed through, at the expense of Debian
maintainers. It would be manpower stolen from us for the benefit of
ideological warriors from the "weird party". Which is something I am not
comfortable with.