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Bug#886238: Please introduce official nosystemd build profile

On 1/3/18, Steve Langasek <vorlon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Moreover, defining an official nosystemd profile in Debian signals that we
> are willing to support it, which means any maintainers who refuse such
> patches will immediately become the targets of abuse from anti-systemd
> zealots.

"anti-systemd zealots" Steve, when did you join LP fanclub? When
Ubuntu decided to throw away your upstart and use systemd instead?
Should I remind your votes in CTTE?

Please take your Ubuntu employee hat off and speak as DD.

> Building a derivative around the exclusion of libsystemd from the
> filesystem is not technically defensible.

Do we have runtime systemd detection in all software linked against
libsystemd so it will work properly in absence of systemd? To rebuild
software without libsystemd is the only reliable way to ensure that
non-systemd code pathes are in use.

> This is a purely political fork, and it's
> politics that we should stay entirely clear of.

Steve, you much, much better than anybody else know that the only
political decision made it's a systemd as a default pid 1. Should I
remind how many votes were held until the result satisfying
pro-systemd party was achieved?