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Re: Bug#886238: Please introduce official nosystemd build profile

On Thu, 04 Jan 2018 at 04:36:16 +0100, Adam Borowski wrote:
> * utopia stack (policykit and friends) which have a hard dependency on
>   systemd

policykit-1 depends on libpam-systemd, which is currently how you spell
"requires a working systemd-logind" in Debian dependencies. systemd-logind
is part of systemd.deb, and requires something that looks a bit like
systemd, either the real systemd as pid 1 or systemd-shim.

> * dependencies on libpam-systemd (including "mere" Recommends, which make
>   apt force an init switch or abort an upgrade without a workaround obvious
>   to an user who doesn't know what to look for)

Many of these are more about having a working systemd-logind (an improved
ConsoleKit replacement) than they are about having systemd as pid 1:
they need to be able to identify and enumerate user sessions, and match
processes to sessions. If there's a good alternative to systemd-logind
for that purpose, they could talk to that instead.

It looks as though elogind is a fork of systemd-logind with reduced
functionality, no dependency on systemd as pid 1, and logind's D-Bus API
(so, basically systemd-shim done right), so it should be possible for
most of those to talk to elogind's logind-compatible API without code
changes (via libsystemd, even). Now that we have versioned Provides,
one way to achieve that might be for implementations of the logind API
to add Provides: logind (= v) where v is the version of systemd whose
logind API is implemented (currently 219 for elogind and 236 for systemd),
and for depending packages to depend on libpam-systemd (>= v) | logind
(>= v), or even on default-logind | logind (>= v) (with default-logind
provided by libpam-systemd on Debian) to be nice to anti-systemd
derivatives. Obviously >= v can be omitted if recent logind features
are not required.

A few packages do genuinely need systemd as pid 1, or `systemd --user`
as an init-like service manager for user sessions (which in turn requires
both systemd as pid 1 and systemd-logind). dbus-user-session is an example
of a package that requires the `systemd --user` service manager. Packages
in this category are unlikely to be ported to not-systemd, unless the
chosen non-systemd infrastructure grows a lot of functionality that is
basically systemd with the bike shed painted a different colour.