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Re: Bug#886238: Please introduce official nosystemd build profile

On Wed, 03 Jan 2018 at 22:34:01 +0100, Simon Richter wrote:
> On 03.01.2018 20:01, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > What a nosystemd build profile proposes to do is to avoid linking against
> > *lib*systemd, which is an inert library dependency whose runtime impact
> > rounds to zero when systemd is not in use.
> The build profile is useful where upstream source can be configured in
> different ways, e.g. because someone wrote a daemon that works on BSD
> and can optionally activate "systemd mode" with additional integration
> code.

dbus-daemon in src:dbus is one such daemon (and one for which Devuan
appears to have a patched version).

On non-systemd Linux, dbus-daemon works the same way it always did;
on Linux with systemd, it works a bit better than that. The runtime
checks before doing something systemd-related (canonically: probe whether
/run/systemd/system exists) are not difficult.

A few features that are in practice very strongly correlated with systemd
(those that rely on XDG_RUNTIME_DIR) don't explicitly check for systemd,
so they would also work on non-systemd (and even non-Linux) systems if
someone else put the work into providing an XDG_RUNTIME_DIR that meets
the specification.

There is no point in packaging dbus for Linux other than "in systemd
mode": the only difference for a non-systemd machine is an amount of
extra disk space that, as Steve said, rounds to zero. (Obviously it's
still built "in non-systemd mode" on the non-Linux kernels, where the
systemd-related build-dependencies are absent.)

> My expectation at this point is "if it has a 'nosystemd' profile, then
> at least it has probably been tested to work without systemd."

Build profiles are not a Features field. Ideally, packages work with or
without systemd without having to be compiled differently, the same way
they might work with X11 or Wayland, or with ALSA or PulseAudio, without
having to be compiled differently. In Debian, we conventionally enable
all possible features unless they conflict or are otherwise problematic;
"better systemd integration" is one such feature, and can usually be
enabled without altering the behaviour of non-systemd systems.

We currently expect packages to work with either a separate or a merged
/usr; extrapolating from what you've said about nosystemd would lead
to us having a usrmerge or nousrmerge build profile to signal that
(depending which the default/more-tested case is considered to be), but
we don't. Similarly, we don't have build profiles for whether the package
works with {dash,bash,posh,mksh,busybox} as /bin/sh, or for whether the
package works on Wayland, or Mir, or non-UTF-8 locales, or all sorts of
other situations that might be considered unusual or non-standard.

> we just had a discussion last week if it was truly a bug if a
> package fails to work if systemd is not present

I'd say it's certainly a bug if it fails to work and doesn't have
a Depends: or Recommends: on systemd-sysv. (Recommends because in
principle you might be booting systemd as pid 1 without it actually
being /sbin/init.) As long as Debian supports non-systemd init, asking a
maintainer to document the dependency seems reasonable, even if they're
unwilling or unable to change the code to avoid it (for instance that
seems vanishingly unlikely to happen for dbus-user-session, and is
clearly not sensible at all for systemd-cron or runit-systemd because
working with systemd is their entire purpose).

Now, I'm sure there are packages that have an undeclared dependency on
systemd; but there are also lots of packages with other unreported bugs,
so this isn't unusual.