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Serving repos from salsa, via ‘anonscm.debian.org’ URLs (was: salsa.debian.org (git.debian.org replacement) going into beta)

Guillem Jover <guillem@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> But this still leaves all checkouts that will also need to be updated,
> which is way way worse than the changes required in debian/control,
> documentation, wiki, etc. :( I also mentioned this when we moved from
> git.d.o to anonscm.d.o.

This is an issue I haven't seen addressed with a solution, so far. We're
being asked to migrate repositories, published at ‘anonscm.debian.org’
URLs, to a host that won't serve those same URLs.

People who have ‘anonscm.debian.org’ as a remote URL should not, IMO, be
expected to know about this move; nor event to check a website prior to
the move (because there's no indication, from accessing that repository
with Git, that anything is expwected to move anywhere).

As Guillen points out, having the existing URL serve a moribund
repository, while the repository continues development somewhere else,
can be avoided – the domains are both in Debian Project control – and
should be avoided if feasible, IMO.

So it's important to keep ‘anonscm.debian.org’ working to access the
same repository at the same URL, after it moves to ‘salsa’.

What is the prospect, having migrated a repository to the
salsa.debian.org host, to continuing to serve the repository at the
published ‘anonscm.debian.org’ URL?

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