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udftools, pktsetup and init scripts


In Debian repository there is for a long time package udftools which
contains some tools for UDF filesystem and for historic reasons also
pktsetup tool.

pktsetup tool configures mapping of optical discs and packet writing
devices and is basically userspace configuration tool for kernel module
pktcdvd.ko (which implement packet writing).

Debian udftools package contains also Debian specific init script which
at system startup calls pktsetup for available cd/dvd devices.

In new upcoming upstream release of udftools there would be udev rule
which automatically calls pktsetup when optical mechanic is attached or
detached and therefore fully replace Debian specific init script.

UDF as filesystem is best known as filesystem for DVD and BD discs, but
is universal and can be used also on hard disk or usb flash disks... And

What do you think about moving pktsetup into own binary package? Users
who do not need packet writing configuration and only need tools for UDF
filesystem would install only udftools package.

Also what to do with Debian specific init script? Currently init script
has configuration where user can enable it or disable it. And needs to
specify all available optical mechanics (in most cases it is /dev/cdrom,
now with new kernels it is /dev/sr0). Udev rule file cannot be
configured by its nature, but is automatic and manage also optical
mechanics on hotplug, not only on system startup as init script.

I think it could make sense to remove init script and replace it by new
udev rule and move both (udev rule and pktsetup) into own binary package

But such thing probably needs more discussion or announcement in
changelog... etc... as existing system configurations needs to be

Pali Rohár