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Re: salsa.debian.org (git.debian.org replacement) going into beta

On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 08:51:12PM +0000, Sean Whitton wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 27 2017, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> > If a team stops using the BTS for bugs and just uses Salsa's Issues
> > tracker, you can just go to a page like this (for the Salsa Team)
> > https://salsa.debian.org/groups/salsa/-/issues
> Surely that's impossible because tools like britney need to know what
> bugs are in which suites and only the BTS can do that.

And it sounds bad enough that perhaps it'd be good to disable gitlab issues
tracker on Salsa?  Otherwise people would file bugs there and expect them to
be handled instead of being more or less rudely redirected to the BTS.

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