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Re: Different versions for binary packages from same source

On Tue, 2017-12-26 at 11:07 -0500, Ryan Kavanagh wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a good reason not to have a source package build binary packages with
> different versions in the following circumstance?
> The prerex source package (sources obtained from CTAN) provides a LaTeX package
> for drawing charts. It also contains two tarballs: one with the sources for the
> prerex utility (a readline interface for creating these charts) and one with the
> sources for the vprerex (a Qt utility for doing the same). There are three
> different versions at play (the outer LaTeX package's, prerex's, and vprerex's)
> and vprerex/prerex are not released simultaneously/at the same time.
> Until now, both the prerex and vprerex binary packages have used the source
> package's version. I would like to make each use the versions of their
> respective tarballs so as to better track upstream development.

You can certainly do that, but you need to be careful to ensure that
all the binary versions increase with each upload.

All the binary versions certainly need to include the Debian revision.

But also, if you start with:

                  upstream  Debian binary
prerex (Latex)     1         1-1
prerex (utility)  11        11-1
vprerex           21        21-1

and then prerex (Latex) is bumped to 2 but prerex (utility) and vprerex
are not, you mustn't upload with these versions:

                  upstream  Debian binary
prerex (Latex)     2         2-1
prerex (utility)  11        11-1
vprerex           21        21-1

In src:linux we have a somewhat similar situation where usbip was
folded into it upstream, and usbip was previously packaged separately
in Debian so I wanted to preserve its own version numbers.  What I did
there is to set the binary versions to
<upstream-version>+<linux-upstream-version>-<debian-revision>, e.g.
2.0+4.14.7-1 for the latest upload.


Ben Hutchings
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