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Bug#884952: ITP: frontaccounting -- web-based double entry accounting and ERP program

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Janusz Dobrowolski <janusz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

* Package name    : frontaccounting
  Version         : 2.4.3
  Upstream Author : FrontAccounting Team
* URL             : http://www.frontaccounting.com/
* License         : GPL3
  Programming Lang: PHP
  Description     : web-based double entry accounting and ERP application

Simple but powerful accounting system supporting most every day business
operations like sales, purchases, simple manufacturing, fixed assets
depreciation and other processes. After initial system configuration all
necessary GL postings are done automatically, so the system can be operated
without double entry accounting skills. Manual GL posting of any not directly
supported business operation is also possible.

The program in older version was previously packaged in wheezy, but since then
it was orphaned in Debian, so is absent in later distributions. Now I've
created new package based on latest stable upstream release, including all
improvements made upstream during the years.

There is probably no such application currently available in Debian, so the
frontaccounting package would fill the long lasting gap for SME web based
accounting program.