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changing source and binary package names


When changing only the binary package name, it is easy to do it.  All I
have to do is package an empty transitional package with the old binary
package name in its new source package with proper dependencies and
upload it :-)

But what is needed when changing both the source and binary package name

Specifically for getmail upstream is moving to version 5.4 now and
Debian unstable has now:

 * source: getmail4 (upstream 4.53 based)
   * Binary: getmail4

 * source: getmail  (upstream 5.4 based)
   * Binary: getmail

Here, getmail packaeg is compatible replacement of getmail4 package.

I am thinking to add getmal4 dummy transitional package to getmail
source package and upload it.

Can I upload such binary dummy package now when there is an older
package in unstable?

Should I ask getmail4 source package removal to ftp master before
uploading the dummy transitional package?  Or should I do it after?