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Bug#884575: ITP: syncthingtray -- a tray applet, plasmoid, and Dolphin integration for Syncthing

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Nicholas D Steeves <nsteeves@xxxxxxxxx>
Control: tags -1 + moreinfo

Package name    : syncthingtray
Version         : 0.7.1
Upstream Author : Martchus <martchus@xxxxxxx>
URL             : https://github.com/Martchus/syncthingtray
License         : GPL-2+
Programming Lang: C++ and QML
Description     : a tray applet, plasmoid, and Dolphin integration for Syncthing

Long descriptions have yet to be written, because I haven't yet
decided if we should also provide a light variant that doesn't depend
on Qt Webkit or Web Engine.  The source package would need to be built
twice to do this, and I'd like to target this in the future rather
than right now.  When the plasmoid is declared stable I think that it
might be reasonable for it to provide syncthingtray and conflict with
it, so that syncthingtray can provide the light version.  This might
require a third binary package that contains only a few shared files.
Please let me know what you think!

Here is my WIP copy:

Package: syncthingtray
Description: Tray applet for Syncthing
 This package provides quick access to the most frequently used
 Syncthing features. It cannot yet add or remove shared folders or
 manage Device IDs by itself; however, it provides access to the
 official web UI from its system tray icon using Qt WebEngine.
 It enables Syncthing notifications via Qt if possible and falls back
 to D-Bus notifications if necessary, shows the status of the
 Syncthing systemd unit, and can start or stop Syncthing using this
 unit. Of course the tray application can be configured to
 automatically start Syncthing.
 Additionally it features a simple command line utility called
 syncthingctl that can check Syncthing status, trigger
 rescan/pause/resume/restart, and wait for idle before doing

Package: plasma-syncthing
Description: Dolphin integration for Syncthing
 This package contains a KIO plugin that displays the synchronisation
 status of a directory and makes the following Syncthing actions
 available in Dolphin:
   * Rescan selected items
   * Rescan entire Syncthing directory
   * Pause/resume Syncthing directory
 It also contains an experimental implementation of syncthingtray
 as a KDE Plasma 5 Plasmoid rather than as a tray application.

I believe that this package is useful because deeper desktop
integration makes it easier to transition from Dropbox to Syncthing.
One of the reasons I'd like to start with KDE integration is because
I'm disappointed with how poorly Dropbox is integrated into it.

I will start using syncthingtray as soon as I've packaged it, and have
tagged this bug moreinfo until I've had a chance to thoroughly test
it.  To the best of my knowledge no existing package provides this
functionality for Syncthing; however, it is similar to dropboxd's tray

If this proposal is well received then collab-maint seems most
appropriate, otherwise I'll probably maintain it on the KDE Addons
Team.  I will need a sponsor for the initial upload.