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Utilizing mindmap with the linux terminal commands

Hi ,I am a pharmacist who spent some time on Linux systems

I am amazed by the tremendous resources offered by the Linux communities.

However,due to the memory burden of my occupation, I can't memorize the commands and options of Linux system.
I know GUIs cost a lot and sometimes may not be helpful at all.

Instead of crying out for someone to build a perfect and easy to use GUI for free, I started using mindmaps to organize these commands.

During the process I discovered the are more potential in the mindmaps, and I cam up with three plans which might be helpful: 

Plan A: Make and share Good Mindmaps on your website 
             You built the Linux distribution and know  it best. 
             Sharing your versions of linux command mindmaps will help the users learn faster.
Plan B Integrate your mindmaps with the Debian online manpage
         This will further extend the efficiency of learning when the users are browsing on the manpage.
Plan C Integrate the web page mentioned in plan B with linux Terminal itself.
            This might remove needs of GUI in many linux applications and decrease your burden.
I made some images and detail description of these plans at stackexchange website:

I hope these ideas will help Linux to be more beginner-friendly and developer-friendly.