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Re: RFH: citadel/webcit


> If not I'm going to have it removed I guess.
>   I'd be against that.

Me too, but somebody has to be able to put some time into it. :)

>   I have a Jessie installed system that I can't update to Stretch
> because citadel won't run on it yet;  and the Citadel install there
> is
> one of the primary reasons I'm running that system.  (And I prefer to
> use Debian for my systems, and 'official' packages when possible.)

What's the problem? I'm not aware of any grave bug on Stretch, but may
have missed it.

> There used to be a team maintaining these packages,
> > but I'm the only one who worked on it in recent years.
>    I've wondered about that...
>    I'm a DM (as jame@xxxxxxxxx) not a DD, so there are some things I
> can't do directly.   I am very interested in helping how I can with
> the Citadel packages.

If you're interested, how about becoming a member of the team?

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