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Re: [Pkg-citadel-devel] Bug#859789: RFH: citadel/webcit

On 2017-12-11 7:42 AM, Michael Meskes wrote:

Anyone interested in citadel/webcit? If not I'm going to have it removed I guess.

There used to be a team maintaining these packages, but I'm the only one who
worked on it in recent years. Not having used the software myself I don't
really intend to spend more time on it and both packages have an RC bug, that
upstream may or may not have fixed.

To explain the latter, upstream claims to have fixed it and their source is
different from ours but the version number is exactly the same!
We patched some of the sources in an attempt to make it work on the latest Debian, but that effort seems to have missed the mark.  That having been said, we've got everything working with both old and new libical versions now, and it seems to build cleanly on both previous and current Debian versions.

A new release is forthcoming so if you want to hold tight for a little while longer we should be able to smooth things out. Naturally it is up to you as package maintainer whether you want to continue to volunteer your time -- I totally respect that.