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Re: custom packages and schroot workflow

On 08/12/17 11:02, Frédéric Bonnard wrote:
> Hi,
> being new to the Debian schroot setup on Debian machines, I tried
> debugging some package. I found the crash happening in a library pulled
> as a runtime dependency.
> My idea was to recompile that library with some debug enabled and install
> those custom .deb's within the current schroot, to rerun the initial
> binary (with debug as well).
> Using dd-schroot-cmd -c $sessionid, I realized that this is limited to
> apt-get and not dpkg, and thus can't install .deb's not in the
> source.list ( https://dsa.debian.org/doc/schroot/ )
> Jumping as root in the schroot is not possible too.
> Did I miss something ?
> Am I following the wrong workflow with Debian machines or generally
> speaking ? :)
> How do you work for this kind of issue?

What library is that? Does it not have a -dbg or -dbgsym package?

Otherwise one option is to build the library and load it with LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
that way you don't have to install random packages with dpkg (which is not
allowed in porterboxes as you found).