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Re: ISO download difficult

On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 11:52 AM, Michael Stone wrote:

> you want debian to be uninstallable on some hardware without a copy of
> windows? that doesn't seem like a step forward or even a desirable goal.

Of course not, that would be a ridiculous suggestion.

I would wager that most devices have another OS installed before
installing Debian. I propose that the process of installing Debian
could be made easier if the Debian install process started with an app
on that OS instead of manually choosing which d-i to download. These
apps could also do all the setup that users currently have to do
manually to get d-i to start. For example on Turris Omnia routers, you
have to update the shipped u-boot before you can boot d-i off USB. On
BIOS systems you have to press a magic key or navigate BIOS menus to
figure out how to boot d-i.

For devices that don't ship with an OS or Debian doesn't yet have an
install bootstrap app, obviously d-i ISOs would still be available and
users could manually download and run them, with or without the needed

Some more details in this other email: