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Re: ISO download difficult


On Tue, Dec 05 2017, Adam Borowski wrote:

> Thus: I'd say we should prominently offer two downloads, one with a
> paragraph of insults.

Uncontroversial suggestion:

List the fully free ISO first, have it coloured green, blue etc., and
the ISO with non-free firmware second, coloured red, yellow, orange or

Slightly controversial suggestion:

Write, after the explanation of why we think the non-free ISO is bad,

    "if this is your first time installing Debian, and you're not sure
    which image to pick, choose the image that contains non-free

It is clear that we believe that the non-free firmware ISO is more
useful to beginners.  This is controversial because it might seem like
promoting non-free software.  But I think it's mitigated because it
follows an explanation for why we think it's bad.

Sean Whitton

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