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Re: ISO download difficult

On 05.12.2017 10:33, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> 3. We should consider the a firmware subsection to non-free in our
>    repositories. This would allow users to use non-free firmware while
>    not adding sources for other non-free software on their systems.
> Cheers
>  jonas

I see this a little bit different - hell, no! - non-free is non-free and
the pure existence of a line

http://ftp.debian.org/debian $distribution main contrib non-free 

will not pollute a system with not wanted non-free packages. Afaik it
needs a

apt install $list_of_non_free_packages

to do so. So we can leave non-free and all things are good. Anything
else should be considered as  bike shedding. And i'm serious about that
- if we consider amd and intel processor patches not as firmware should
we leave them out or need these two packages a subsection too? I would
call this pure nonsense. For me these sub-section discussion sounds like
"I was young and i need the money ...". Sorry if this should be to
offensive. But we are (at least should be) mature enought to stand to
our decisions without any half-hearted excuses.