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Re: ISO download difficult

Dear Sean,

Le 04/12/2017 à 21:47, Sean Whitton a écrit :

On Mon, Dec 04 2017, Thibaut Paumard wrote:

I vote for:
    1- putting the non-free firmware on all our images,

This seems more controversial than it needs to be, and misses an
opportunity for us to express our values.

Why are you against maintaining the fullly free images alongside those
with non-free firmware?  The issue is that the latter are hidden, not
that there's anything much wrong with the former.

Mostly because we should keep it (or rather make it) as simple as possible to install Debian.

I also believe this should be less controversial. I don't see any problem with shipping non-free firmware on our main installation media as long as they are redistributable, because I don't consider them part of the OS. The user has this hardware, to use it she needs the OS to upload that third-pary blob to her device, let's allow her to do that easily.

Having the two download links side by side on the front page would already be a major improvement, but it would still be very confusing for our users. That's why I would prefer to put the "beware of the leopard" sign inside the install medium, and provide only one medium that would work for both kinds of users.

Kind regards, Thibaut.