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Re: ISO download difficult

On 12/04/2017 04:41 PM, eamanu15 . wrote:
>>    3- if yes, let the user decide:
>> "Your network card/wifi adapter needs non-free spftware to operate. You
>> may choose to keep this install 100% free software, in which case you
>> will have no network connection until you plug-in a supported adapter,
>> or to install the non-free software required to drive your adapter. What
>> do you prefer?
>>    [] stay free (no network)
>>    [] use network (install non-free software)"
> +1

there's also the (already mentioned) use case where one network adapter
(e.g. the wired one) will work fine, but you need non-free firmware for
another adapter (wifi).
while this will successfully bootstrap the system to a point where the
user can launch a browser and duckduckgo why their wifi is not working
(as long as they stay wired) and eventually fix it, i think it is still
a kind of "bummer" experience for a *new* user, likely to turn them away.

which might turn the questions into something like:
 [] stay free (no wifi)
 [] enable all network devices (install non-free software)

(these are only meant to replace your suggestion in specific situtations)


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