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Re: Should tasks be considered harmful?

Quoting Bjørn Mork (2017-12-04 14:18:17)
> I want the installation to end up with a *more* predictable set of 
> packages.  Attempting to do any sort of harware based package 
> selection will result in less predictability.  This is support hell.  
> Imagine a Debian user trying to assist another Debian user.  If you 
> can't even establish a package set baseline, then where do you start?
> No, I definitely don't want some magic guessing of what packages I 
> need. I want the default install to include a large enough set of 
> packages supporting as many use cases as reasonable.  If there are 
> more than one alternative package providing a given service, then the 
> default should be the one supporting most use cases.  At least if 
> there is little or no doubt. Which I believe covers the wicd vs NM 
> case.

I believe we _do_ provide rather deterministic installs with "large 
enough set of packages supporting as many use cases as reasonable".

 * "Gnome desktop": Larger install reasonable for newer, bigger 
   desktop systems (i.e. not for older/smaller systems)

 * "LXDE desktop": Smaller install reasonable for older hardware 
   (obviously "smaller"  implies "covers less corner cases")

You chose LXDE.  Your described success rate of features covered seems 
reasonable to me, given that choice.

 - Jonas

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