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Re: Debian Stretch new user report (vs Linux Mint)

On 12/03/2017 11:20 PM, Alf Gaida wrote:
> It is not only the last bit. And i don't think that 'a little bit more'
> promotion is sufficient. We should clearly state why we prefer the free
> ones. But we should not hide the non-free ones and should have them on
> the same site. With a clear statement why these images are not prefered.

As I wrote to you privately (why did you send 2 separate emails?), this
last paragraph shows we agree: we both want the ISO including these bad
firmwares to be reachable, as long as we very much insist on the fact
that it's an unfortunate non-free workaround for bad hardware vendors,
and that we prefer the version not including these. So let's not argue
more! :)


Thomas Goirand (zigo)