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Re: ISO download difficult (was: Debian Stretch new user report (vs Linux Mint))

On Sat, 02 Dec 2017 11:39:56 +0000, Medical Wei <mwei@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Actually I am thinking about people with non-free firmware problems to get
>additional firmware and download them to another USB disk.
>In this way the user don't need to re-download an "non-official" ISO to
>install Debian.

Last time I tried to download the non-free firmware and put it on
another USB disk, I ended up in changing to a shell from the installer
and unpacking the firmware blobs to the correct place manually because
I wasn't able to figure out how the layout on the firmware disk had to
be for the installer to find it.

Because the docs are so vague about that and the installer didn't
bother to log the path it was looking at to any log that I was able to

And yes, I am a DD and should be able to figure that out.

Any no, I didn't file a bug report because I didn't have time to do
that at the time I was fiddling with the machine and now the machine
is live and I can't take it out to reproduce the issue to be able to
produce a meaningful bug report.

And yes, I know that ranting doesn't help. If you agree, bear in mind
that I was ranting about my own stupidity, not about the superiority
of Debian's installer and the docs. Those are fine.

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