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Debian Stretch new user report (vs Linux Mint)


Please take this email as another call to keep the hard work in
improving our operating system and user experience, specially for new
users. Several times I've detected that we lack reports from final
users using our system, so here is another case.

Recently a friend of mine tried his first take at Linux in his
laptop/desktop. He tried Linux Mint in the laptop machine which worked
out of the box: wifi, external usb hardware, etc.
He then tried Debian Stretch in the desktop machine. He has been
sending me feedback of what happened, and the issues so far were:

* no support for the wifi interface of the dekstop machine (this was
expected, fixed by installing non-free package by hand, since no
* no support for RW on NTFS drives, only RO. This wasn't fixed even by
installing ntfs-3g [0].

Both issues together were enough for my friend to directly move to
Linux Mint in both machines, which is not fine, but anyway he is now
using Linux since he didn't came back to Windows, which is great :-)

I didn't have the time to investigate the NTFS issue myself, sorry :-(

No debate intended, just information, a simple real-world case.
This was somehow an advanced user, enough for installing the operating
system by himself, but not enough to know the deep internals of

best regards.

[0] https://wiki.debian.org/NTFS