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Re: Bug#882723: src:keepassxc: Generated file without preferred form of source: src/zxcvbn/dict-src.h

On 11/26/2017 02:38 PM, Sean Whitton wrote:

However, the preferred format of modification is in fact present in the
zxcvbn-c source package, which builds dict-src.h as part of its package
build.  So I wonder if you could refer to that package in README.source
and it would be enough for the ftp-masters?

That's fairly fragile, e.g., if a new version of zxcvbn-c comes out, the source (may) not be there any longer. That'd create an unexpected and surprising (at least to zxcvbn-c's maintainer) failure to meet the social contract.

I'm not sure if that (possibly very unlikely) chance is worth repacking the tarball or not. Or if ftp-masters will see it as required.