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Re: Bug#882723: src:keepassxc: Generated file without preferred form of source: src/zxcvbn/dict-src.h

Hi Sean,

[No need to CC me, I am subscribed to d-devel].

I didn't check the source of keepassxc, so my earlier remark was based
on assumptions.

On 26-11-17 20:39, Sean Whitton wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 26 2017, Paul Gevers wrote:
>> I would copy the directory to some tmp folder in debian/ during the
>> configure step (if not done before) and move it back during the clean
>> step (and copy it from debian/ in the step where you are building
>> src/zxcvbn/dict-src.h).
>> I don't see any issue, except you should ask upstream to fix the
>> situation. Repacking the source tarball for this feels wrong, except
>> if you need to do that for other reasons as well.
> This doesn't satisfy the DFSG issue.  dict-src.h is not in its preferred
> form of modification.

If this dict-src.h is (re)build during the building of the package,
there isn't an issue right? That is what I understood was happening. I
may have understood wrong, hence the request for clarification to Julian.


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