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Re: Bug#882723: src:keepassxc: Generated file without preferred form of source: src/zxcvbn/dict-src.h

Hello Julian,

On Sun, Nov 26 2017, Julian Andres Klode wrote:

> The file src/zxcvbn/dict-src.h is an autogenerated dictionary file,
> generated from smaller files. The directory is removed during build.

I see that you are linking against libzxcvbn0.  So, just to confirm, the
whole src/zxcvbn/ directory is not actually used by your package build,
right?  It's just something upstream has in their tarballs.

> I'm not entirely sure if I need to repackage the source tarball or
> not, given that the file is removed during clean, hence the bug report
> and CCing debian-devel.

It's a file without its preferred format for modification.  So, yes, you
need to repack the tarball.  I don't understand how "the file is removed
during clean" would counteract that.  The tarball would still be in our
archive.  Source packages must satisfy the DFSG just as much as binary

However, the preferred format of modification is in fact present in the
zxcvbn-c source package, which builds dict-src.h as part of its package
build.  So I wonder if you could refer to that package in README.source
and it would be enough for the ftp-masters?

Sean Whitton

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