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Re: Bug#882723: src:keepassxc: Generated file without preferred form of source: src/zxcvbn/dict-src.h

Hi Julian,

On 26-11-17 01:29, Julian Andres Klode wrote:
> The file src/zxcvbn/dict-src.h is an autogenerated dictionary file,
> generated from smaller files. The directory is removed during build.

Are you saying that these smaller files are in the tar ball, but after
one build the files are gone? That would mean you have a problem to
build twice in a row.

> I'm not entirely sure if I need to repackage the source tarball or
> not, given that the file is removed during clean, hence the bug
> report and CCing debian-devel.

I would copy the directory to some tmp folder in debian/ during the
configure step (if not done before) and move it back during the clean
step (and copy it from debian/ in the step where you are building

I don't see any issue, except you should ask upstream to fix the
situation. Repacking the source tarball for this feels wrong, except if
you need to do that for other reasons as well.


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