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Re: Proposed change of offensive packages to -offensive


On 22/11/17 11:17, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> That seems like unnecessary complexity and work, to me. I'd be OK with
> either letting the package be as it is now, or to build it without the
> "non-PC" insults. Doesn't seem worth it to have two packages for this.

I may have been not entirely serious in that example. As the insults are
not enabled by default, most users will never see them, though they are
compiled in.

If there was to be a policy, it should include something along the lines
of "maintainers should tend towards the least offensive build options"
but worded in such a way that compiler optimisations and hardening
options are not subject to an offensiveness rating.

I agree with the idea that Debian should generally not be offensive to
its users unless they've asked for it, but also think that asking for it
should be available to users.

Maybe we can experiment with some voluntary guidelines for maintainers
to work out any bugs *before* we merge it with policy?


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