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Re: Open beta of debhelper compat level 11 (debhelper/10.10.7)

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El 2017-11-18 a las 11:41 +0000, Niels Thykier escribió:
Emilio Pozuelo Monfort:
It'd make more sense to me to change that in compat 11 to be enabled by default and run with --list-missing (--fail-missing is probably too much at this point), or make it run with --list or --fail-missing, but not enabled by default, and make it an addon. So that one can have:

No dh_missing:

	dh $@

Or for dh_missing:

	dh --with missing $@

I think one of those two options would make more sense than the status quo, and I probably lean towards the first option (enabled by default with --list-missing).

Thoughts? Let me know if you want a bug report about this.

I have received several requests to make --list-missing or --fail-missing the default (#650129 and #858834) and I intend to do so eventually. I am a little concerned with adding more changes to compat 11 (the list is rather long already), but I am happy with making --list-missing the default for compat 12.

Please consider adding wildcard support for the debian/not-installed files before making this the default. In the package pkg-kde-tools, the /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/3/list-missing.mk make script implements a (rather primitive) support for wildcards in debian/not-installed which might be used as a base for dh_missing.

Otherwise, please make allow this functionality to be easily disabled.

Happy hacking,
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