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Re: Open beta of debhelper compat level 11 (debhelper/10.10.7)

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote...

> One thing with compat 10 that doesn't make a lot of sense to me is how
> dh_missing is enabled by default but a no-op. It'd make more sense to me to
> change that in compat 11 to be enabled by default and run with --list-missing
> (--fail-missing is probably too much at this point), or make it run with --list
> or --fail-missing, but not enabled by default, and make it an addon.

As I planned to create a related wishlist bug report about that issue:

The --fail-missing option saved my lower back many times in the past,
even when it was placed in dh_install. Therefore I'm certain it would
help other people as well. In other words, I was about to suggest to
make --list-missing the default in 11, and switch to --fail-missing
in 12. Those who somehow manage to trigger a false negative (possibly
dracut is one of these) would have to use a --ignore-missing override
(not yet implemented) then, or use a more elaborate ignore mechanism:

That is debian/not-installed which should no longer ignore file paths
then, also drop the warning on the usage of this file. There are often
files that should not go into a package, *.la files from library
packaging to begin with. Given the suggested policy change above, their
number will increase. Overriding dh_install defeats readability of
debian/rules, also -X might hit more files than intended.


PS: Talking about "planned to create a wishlist bug report" ... after
losing several hours while fiddling with dh_systemd_* I saw the need for
a cleanup. Glad to see it's already underway.

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