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Re: Auto-update for sid? Auto-backport?

Le jeudi, 16 novembre 2017, 09.03:47 h CET Alexander Wirt a écrit :
> On Wed, 15 Nov 2017, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> > Le mercredi, 15 novembre 2017, 16.43:17 h CET Steffen Möller a écrit :
> > > I would really like to see updates performed in some automated fashion.
> > 
> > Debian updates are in fact different steps:
> > * inclusion of upstream changes;
> > * packaging updates;
> > * .changes signing with a key in the Debian keyring;
> > * dput of the .changes and associated files.
> Testing the package. Maybe the most important point. From my experience as
> backports ftpmaster I could say that I am not very thrilled to see such
> automatic upload repos. 

Oh, absolutely. But testing can have multiple forms, and we could imagine 
requiring autopkgtest before migrating stuff from this automatic suite to 
user-facing suites. Something along the lines of what Ubuntu AFAIK does with 
their pre-development release suite; a no-delay britney that checks suite 
coherency (migrations) and autopkgtests.