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Re: Auto-update for sid? Auto-backport?

PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel <frederic-emmanuel.picca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Sean Whitton <spwhitton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> If an upstream author knows their code will go straight into an active
>> Debian suite when they push a git tag to GitHub, the trust dynamic is
>> changed, I think for the worse.

> this is the model of travis no ?, the upstream could become also the
> debian maintainer.  And check that his package build properly on Debian.
> They are doing the work for travis, appveyor, gitlab-ci etc.. and why
> not Debian ?

Because maintaining a Debian package requires a lot more knowledge of how
to integrate packages properly into Debian than getting tests to run in
Travis.  Travis is designed to be flexible to let people run tests however
they want; Debian is designed to *not* be flexible on the package side,
and instead push people into one unified way of doing things, so that all
the packages work together properly.

Distribution packages generated by upstream are usually horrible unless
upstream is deeply involved in that distribution community.  From the
perspective of an experienced packager for that distribution, they are
usually way behind best practices, don't use common facilities, install
into weird locations, and otherwise look like something that someone just
beat on with a hammer until it vaguely installed and sort of worked.

There are exceptions for some types of packages, like small libraries,
where nearly every package of a type installs basically the same way, but
even there those exceptions are not reliable and pitfalls lurk.

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