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Open beta of debhelper compat level 11 (debhelper/10.10.7)


The debhelper compat level 11 is about to be finalized and we invite you
to test it out.  There are no additional changes planned to compat 11 at
the moment, but there might be changes in response to feedback from testers.

 * If you start to use the compat 11 in your package in uploads to
   unstable, please be prepared to stay on top of changes in
   debhelper as there will not be separate announcements for any
   corrections made to compat 11.

 * If you have already started using compat 11, but realised that
   you do not have time / capacity to live up to the commitment of
   being a beta tester for a given package, please remember to opt-out
   (by resetting the compat level to a stable version).

 * Please ensure you test with debhelper/10.10.7 or later.  While all of
   the compat 11 changes are available in older versions (e.g. 10.10.5),
   there are some changes in 10.10.7 that will probably make your
   testing easier.

The beta will run for at least 14 days starting with today, but it will
generally be extended if there are changes to compat 11.  Once the beta
testing is over, debhelper compat 11 will be announced as stable with an
upload of debhelper/11 to unstable.

Please note that the documentation of debhelper 10.10.7 still refers to
compat 11 as being "open for development".  This was true at the time of
the 10.10.7 upload.  The next version will update the documentation to
reflect the new state for compat 11.

Why would you be interested in compat 11

The elevator pitch:

 * Automatic support for Policy §12.3's recommendation for installing
   documentation of "pkg-doc" into "/usr/share/doc/pkg".

 * Many of the dh_install* tools that install documentation are now
   easier to use for installing files from d/tmp.  This makes it a
   lot easier to support "nodoc" profile (by outsourcing things to

 * dh_strip and dh_shlibdeps now reliable finds all ELF executables
   and shared libraries regardless of their filename extension
   (fixing the 18 year old bug #35733).

 * The interactions between dh_systemd_* and dh_installinit have been
   cleaned up.  The interaction between dh_systemd_enable and
   dh_installinit was particular error-prone.  This has been resolved by
   merging dh_systemd_* into a new helper dh_installsystemd that is
   100% responsible for all systemd related items (services, tmpfiles,

Full list of changes in compat 11

>         Changes from v10 are:
>         -       dh_installinit no longer installs service or tmpfile files,
>                 nor generates maintainer scripts for those files. Please use
>                 the new dh_installsystemd helper.
>         -       The dh_systemd_enable and dh_systemd_start helpers have been
>                 replaced by the new dh_installsystemd helper. For the same
>                 reason, the systemd sequence for dh has also been removed.
>                 If you need to disable the dh_installsystemd helper tool,
>                 please use an empty override target.
>                 Please note that the dh_installsystemd tool have a slightly
>                 different behaviour in some cases (e.g. when using the
>                 --name parameter).
>         -       dh_installdirs no longer creates debian/*package*
>                 directories unless explicitly requested (or it has to create
>                 a subdirectory in it).
>                 The vast majority of all packages will be unaffected by this
>                 change.
>         -       The makefile buildsystem now passes INSTALL=install
>                 --strip-program=true to make(1). Derivative buildsystems
>                 (e.g. configure or cmake) are unaffected by this change.
>         -       The autoconf buildsystem now passes --runstatedir=/run to
>                 ./configure.
>         -       The cmake buildsystem now passes
>                 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_RUNSTATEDIR=/run to cmake(1).
>                 Caveat: This option silently does nothing in cmake versions
>                 prior to 3.8. Please keep this in mind if your package is
>                 regularly backported to a suite (e.g. stretch-backports)
>                 where cmake is older than 3.8.
>         -       dh_installman will now prefer detecting the language from
>                 the path name rather than the extension.
>         -       dh_auto_install will now only create the destination
>                 directory it needs. Previously, it would create the package
>                 build directory for all packages. This will not affect
>                 packages that only build with debhelper commands, but it may
>                 expose bugs in commands not included in debhelper.
>         -       The helpers dh_installdocs, dh_installexamples,
>                 dh_installinfo, and dh_installman now error out if their
>                 config has a pattern that does not match anything or
>                 reference a path that does not exist.
>                 Known exceptions include building with the nodoc profile,
>                 where the above tools will silently permit failed matches
>                 where the patterns are used to specify documentation.
>         -       The helpers dh_installdocs, dh_installexamples,
>                 dh_installinfo, and dh_installman now accept the parameter
>                 --sourcedir with same meaning as dh_install. Furthermore,
>                 they now also fall back to debian/tmp like dh_install.
>         -       The perl-makemaker and perl-build build systems no longer
>                 pass -I. to perl. Packages that still need this behaviour
>                 can get emulate it by using the PERL5LIB environment
>                 variable. E.g. by adding export PERL5LIB=. in their
>                 debian/rules file (or similar).
>         -       The PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC environment variable is no longer
>                 set by dh or any of the dh_auto_* tools. It was added as a
>                 temporary work around to avoid a lot of packages failing to
>                 build at the same time.
>                 Note this item will eventually become obsolete as upstream
>                 intends to drop support for the PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC
>                 environment variable. When perl drops support for it, then
>                 this variable will be removed retroactively from existing
>                 compat levels as well.
>         -       The dh_makeshlibs helper will now exit with an error if
>                 objdump returns a non-zero exit from analysing a given file.
>         -       The dh_installdocs and dh_installexamples tools will now
>                 attempt to guess the "main package" for a given
>                 documentation package (e.g. *pkg-doc* will have *pkg* as
>                 main package if the latter exists). If a main package is
>                 found, *most* of the documentation will be installed into
>                 /usr/share/doc/*main-pkg* by default as recommended by
>                 Debian policy §12.3 since version 3.9.7. Notable exceptions
>                 include the copyright file and changelog files.
>                 The --doc-main-package option can be used when the
>                 auto-detection is insufficient.
>         -       The dh_strip and dh_shlibdeps tools no longer uses filename
>                 patterns to determine which files to process. Instead, they
>                 open the file and look for an ELF header to determine if a
>                 given file is an shared object or an ELF executable.
>                 This change may cause the tools to process more files than
>                 previously.

This listing is also available from debhelper(7).

Backport availability

The version of debhelper in backports (10.10.5~bpo9+1) has all of the
relevant changes for initial beta version of compat 11 (minus some
bug fixes currently only in unstable).  As per backport policy, we are
planning to provide future versions of debhelper in stretch-backports
until stretch becomes oldstable.

*Caveat*: Packages using the cmake build system should be careful as
cmake in stretch does not respond to the
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_RUNSTATEDIR=/run change in compat 11.  If this is a
problem for your package, the package should probably stay at compat 10
until buster is released.


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