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Bug#881109: ITP: boost-numeric-bindings -- boost-numeric-bindings -- Numeric Library Bindings for Boost

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Stephen Sinclair <radarsat1@xxxxxxxxx>

* Package name    : boost-numeric-bindings
  Version         : 0.99
  Upstream Author : Kresimir Fresl et. al.
* URL             : https://github.com/uBLAS/numeric_bindings
* License         : Boost Software License - Version 1.0
  Programming Lang: C++
  Description     : boost-numeric-bindings -- Numeric Library Bindings for Boost

Boost Bindings is a bindings library (not just) for Boost.Ublas.
It offers an easy way of calling BLAS, LAPACK, UMFPACK, MUMPS and
many other mature legacy numerical codes from within C++.

Previously an ITP bug was filed (#536270) but then dropped.  Since
then a github repo was created and a "pre-release 0.99" was released
with a bit more work, in 2015.  I have updated the preliminary package
by Teemu Ikonen from that bug to the latest version, as well as the
latest Debian compat and policy versions, based on his package repo:

The package already installs the header files successfully to within
the /usr/include/boost directory and I have preliminary support for
running some of the tests.  I intend to improve this, add
documentation if possible, and keep it up to date with any future
releases.  It would be beneficial to Debian to have these headers more
easily available, since projects are currently often embedding them
headers in their source distributions.