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Bug#880600: ITP: auter -- Automatic updates for Redhat and Debian based Linux servers

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Paolo <paolo.gigante.sa@xxxxxxxxx>

* Package name     : auter
  Version          : 0.10
  Upstream Authors : Paolo Gigante <paolo.gigante.sa@xxxxxxxxx>, Cameron Beere, Piers Cornwell, Mike Frost 
* URL              : https://github.com/rackerlabs/auter
* License          : Apache-2
  Programming Lang : bash
  Description      : Automatic updates for Redhat and Debian based Linux servers

Auter is an update tool that can manage scheduled automatic updates using cron.
It has custom script hooks for before and after each phase of updating the
system: downloading updates, installing updates and rebooting after updates
have been applied. This allows servers to be configured to stop any critical
applications cleanly using custom scripts before any actions are taken. 

Each phase of the update process can be scheduled to be executed independantly
which opens the possibility of automatically maintaining patch version control
accross an entire environment. 

I have personally been using the this tool for my CentOS and Ubuntu servers
over the last year and have also implemented this on hundreds of other servers
within my remit. The package is already available in the epel and fedora repos
however the code has been written in a way that it can be packaged for debian
based distros using apt as the package manager.

This package offers much more functionality compared to similar packages like:
yum-cron, dnf-automatic, unattended-upgrades and cronapt.

As this is my first request to upload a package to Debian, I will likely require
a sponsor. Package maintenance will be carried out by the upstream authors
however we always welcome new ideas and any contributions.